Friends Don’t Let Friends NOT Ride Share

Yesterday when I turned on the morning news there was a horrible “Breaking News” story that a 16 year old driver had been hit and killed in an automobile accident.  The facts developed throughout the day and the cause of the accident was a drunk driver rear ended him while he was stopped at a red light on his way to school.  As a mother this is the worst nightmare imaginable, you send your kids out the door to go to school and they never make it home, because of someone’s reckless actions.

Drinking and driving in Las Vegas is a hard battle, this is literally a 24 hour town.  Casinos, bars and stores don’t close, so alcohol is sold 24 hours a day.  People work many different shifts in this town and some people get off at midnight and go after work for drinks and don’t finish until others are getting up to start their day.  HOWEVER there is no reason why anyone in this 24 hour town should be drinking and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Read More