50,000 air miles took me….

50,000 miles on Southwest Airlines took me to Canada, Mexico, and a bunch of other US destinations and it can take you places too!

I love taking advantage of airline credit card offers and my last one has been the best by far.  The best time to get the most miles when signing up for an airline credit card is on a flight.

About a year and a half ago I was flying to Reno for work on Southwest and I was taking advantage of their free live TV and their credit card offer came across my iPad, 50,000 bonus points for signing up while on the flight, SOLD!  Read More

Snowbird Training Part 1

Vegas dwellers like the weather warm, I mean we spend 5-6 months out of the year with temperatures that are at least 100 degrees.  So, by mid January when our temps drop into the 50’s we get cold.  Now I know 50’s aren’t cold by most people’s standard, but to us it is.

This year my husband and I are “empty nesters” as our son graduated from high school last June. We had never really travelled in the winter months due to school schedules, but this year that all changed and we are officially Snowbird Training.  Read More