How Sweet It Is

I recently did my first professional photo shoot for my blog and it was the most amazing experience.  I have been so excited to share with you about it and today is that day! 

When my photographer Sommer Luna and I were deciding on where to shoot here in Las Vegas there were so many choices and we ended up with The Linq Promenade, because there are so many neat places within this spot.

One of those places is Sprinkles Cupcakes  and their Cupcake ATM!  You heard that right an ATM machine that serves up sweet cupcakes.  The beauty of a cupcake ATM is that if you have a late night or early morning sweet tooth you can hit up the cupcake ATM and satisfy that craving 24 hours a day.

You just walk right up, pick out the delicious flavor you want, swipe your card and the magical pink door opens up to an illuminated cupcake.  You literally hear “AHHHHHHH” when the door opens.  The cute little cupcake with it’s signature dot is served in a perfect little box.  You grab that baby and eat it right there or take it with you back to your hotel room (or home if you are a local).

There really is nothing sweeter than the Sprinkles ATM!



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