Blog Life Update

Hello friends, sorry I have been lacking in the blogging area lately.  I have taken on some new projects, which has required my full attention and focus.

I was asked to become a member of the Board of Directors for my favorite Las Vegas non-profit organization, The Just One Project.  I am now their Director of Marketing and Social Media.  As a blogger and influencer this is right up my alley.  I feel like I am finally making a difference by using my passion and knowledge in the social media arena.

I work a full time job and in the evenings/weekends I am focusing my extra time on getting my new position dialed in, which in turn is causing me to neglect my own blog and social media accounts.

I appreciate all of you that follow me and support my blog and hope you understand how important this new role is for me and why I need to focus my energy there for the time being.  I plan on having some great new content to bring to you both on the blog and social media within the next few weeks, but until then I may be a little MIA.  Please don’t unfollow me and wait for a kick ass comeback!



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