My Carrie Bradshaw Moments in NYC

As you know from my first post here about my trip to New York City it was a major travel dream come true.  One of the most exciting parts of the trip for me was to find places from the show Sex and the City.  I couldn’t wait to have my own “Carrie Bradshaw” moments all over NYC!

Carrie Bradshaw moment number one was when we pulled up to our hotel in our black Suburban and as I exited the vehicle I yelled “Hello Lover” to kick off our trip.  This was a line that Carrie used when she saw a pair of Christian Loubutin’s that she wanted for her farewell to Mr. Big date when he was moving to Napa.

Carrie Bradshaw moment number two was when I found the New York Public Library.  In the Sex and the City Movie Carrie was trying to find a location for her wedding to Mr. Big and as she walked up the steps of the New York Public Library to return an overdue library book, “Love Stories of Great Men”, it dawned on her that she wanted to get married at “the classic New York landmark that housed all the great love stories”.  I loved walking up those same steps and exploring the library.  The smell of the old books was really amazing.  My husband even joined in a protest on the steps of the library.

Carrie Bradshaw moment number three was when I had a drink in the bar “Scout” that was owned by Aiden and Steve.  I didn’t actually know that when I was looking for a bar in the Little Italy part of town to watch the Denver Broncos game that we would end up in “Scout”.  I had looked for sports bars on Yelp, because we could not find a bar with any TV’s.  Onieal’s Restaurant & Bar pulled up, so we stopped in for a drink and hopes of seeing the Denver Broncos playing the Oakland Raiders.  The New York Jets and New York Giants were both playing, so there was no chance of getting the channel changed, but we sat and enjoyed the cute little corner bar.  I actually got to FaceTime with my best friend who was at the Denver Broncos game for her son’s first NFL experience. It was not until I was searching for other SATC locations that I realized we had been in “Scout”.  After I got back home and was watching some SATC re-runs I saw the episode where Carrie was outside the bar.  I am pretty bummed that I didn’t get a picture of the bar, but there is always next time.

Carrie Bradshaw moment number four was at The Loeb Boathouse Central Park.  When we rented bikes and rode through Central Park this was at the top of my list of places I wanted to see.  I always loved the scene where Carrie and Mr. Big met at the Boathouse for lunch and when he leaned in to kiss her they fell into the water.  We were very tempted to rent a row boat, but I did not want to chance falling into the water.

Carrie Bradshaw moment number five was the BEST!  It was when I found Carrie’s apartment building, but it did not come easy.  On the morning that I decided to find Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment I Googled “Carrie Bradshaw’s address” and put it into my Google maps.  My husband and our friend Paul decided they would go on my hunt for the apartment while our friend Lana was taking a class.  The address that pulled up was 245 E. 73rd Street on the Upper East Side.  We hopped on the Subway and headed on up to the East Side.  While we were on the subway I heard a very familiar voice and when I looked it was Gilbert Godfrey sitting a few feet away from me.  We got off the the subway and started navigating our way to 245 E. 73rd Street.  I was so exited, this was the moment I had been dreaming about and………where is number 245????  Why is there no 245? Where is the brownstone and stoop that I wanted to see?  I had totally messed up in my search, I was looking for an address that did not exist!  In the show Carrie’s address was 245 E. 73rd Street, but that was a factious address.

I was completely bummed out and felt horrible for dragging the guys along.  I got back on to Google and found that the address for the actual brownstone was 66 Perry Street in the West Village.  The trip to the Upper East Side was not a total bust, because we actually had the best pizza of our trip at Lenox Hill Pizza 1105 Lexington Ave Upper East Side.  As we enjoyed our pizza in the tiny hole in the wall pizza joint the guys decided that they would make the trek to the West Village with me to find the real Carrie Bradshaw address.  We found that we would have to change subway trains at Grand Central Station, so it was a win, win for us all to see another NYC iconic site.

We started our trek across the city and made that midway train switch in Grand Central Station.  It is most definitely GRAND!  I loved the hustle and bustle of NYC, but the electricity in Grand Central Station was something else.  After getting a quick look around we hopped onto the train to the West Village.

When we came out of the Subway in the West Village we were greeted by a crosswalk painted like the pride flag.  I knew we were in the right area now!  We walked a few blocks and  took in the great brownstone lined streets.  It really is wild the change in buildings and houses throughout NYC.  And then there we were at the corner of Perry Street and W 4th Street!  As I looked down the street I saw a few groups of women and I knew we had finally found the right place.  As I strutted down the street like Carrie Bradshaw in her Manolo Blahnik heels I was so excited.  And there it was, 66 Perry Street, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment.  I waited my turn and had my Instagram husband snap my picture in front of the steps of the famous brownstone.  As this is someone’s home they have the steps blocked off and remind visitors to keep the noise down with a nice little sign.  And as a token of thank you from the SATC fans that visit they have a donation box for the New York Humane Society.  We are animal lovers in my house so we gladly left a few bucks to thank them for sharing this iconic spot and letting me live out my Carrie Bradshaw dreams.

If you are a Sex and the City fan, I hope these places that I found will let you live out your Carrie Bradshaw Moments when you visit New York City.




8 thoughts on “My Carrie Bradshaw Moments in NYC

  1. OKAY FIRST OFF, I am SO jealous!
    your trip looked amazing! The absolute coolest I think was that you found a good local eat! they are always the best but you definitely have to stumble across them!

  2. Being such a huge SATC fan, this was so fun to read! I even got goosebumps at one point. Love love love that you got to do this! Thanks so much for sharing ❤

  3. I love that you had so many Carrie Bradshaw moments. I will be travelling to New York hopefully this year and you have given me lots of ideas. Hoping to have a few Carrie Bradshaw moments of my own.

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