Oh Christmas Tree(ssssssss)

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I have loved it ever since I was a little girl, because my parents made it so magical for me.  When I was a teenager my parents took me to a friend’s open house and they had a Christmas tree in every room and even multiple trees in some rooms.  I remember loving the idea of a Christmas tree in every room. So as an adult my goal was to have a Christmas tree in every room.  I am up to SEVEN trees in my house this year and I could not be happier.  I am so excited to share them with you.I have always admired people that have themed Christmas trees as their formal tree, but I also love my ornaments that I have collected since I was a baby to now as an adult.  My living room Christmas tree, which got upgraded this year to a 9 1/2 foot tree (Thank you Rice’s), is decorated with my nostalgic ornaments and reminders of places I have traveled.

My Christmas tree in my Master Bedroom is decorated in a color theme to match my bedding.  This tree I found at Big Lots years ago for super cheap and every time I want to change the theme or color of the ornaments I head back to Big Lots.  I am able to change up this tree often and not break the bank.

This year I added a tree to my Master bathroom to also fit in with the color scheme of my bedroom and bathroom.  This little cutie and it’s ornaments were picked up in the super saver section at Target.

Our family loves sports!  We are UNLV Runnin’ Rebel fans, Denver Broncos fans and my son is a Seattle Seahawks fan.  Over the years we have collected enough ornaments supporting our teams that I was able to add the “Sports Tree” to our sports themed Game Room.

When my son was little he had the tree that is now the Sports tree in his room, but since he is 19 now he isn’t into having a tree in his room.  A few years ago my bestie gave me a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, so that one now goes into my son’s room.  This is actually perfect since my son and bestie share a birthday.

Years ago when I decided that our guest bathroom needed a tree, I had to come up with a good theme.  I thought a tree with rubber duckies would be perfect and then I found the ultimate, reindeer rubber duckies.  And the bathroom Christmas tree was born!

And I have saved the BEST tree for last…..my Starbucks tree.  This tree started in 2004 when I received a Starbucks ornament for a Christmas gift.  When I worked in an office I had a little desk top tree that I began adding ornament to  each year.  I have picked up super special ornaments from travel destinations and also had a friend as far away as New York send me a special ornament.  Now that I work from home and my collection of ornaments has outgrown a little desk top tree, I have a beautiful gold tree to match my home office decor.  I love coming into work every morning and plugging my tree in and being able to enjoy it all day long.

I hope you enjoyed my virtual Open House and my collection of Christmas trees.

I am wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!



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