Desert Date Night

Last month when the Powerball Lotto was $750 million, I had to be a part of the excitement and hype to win.  Even though I live in the gaming capital of the world, Las Vegas, we do not have the lottery here in Nevada.  To buy Lotto tickets you have to drive to Arizona or California and when the jackpots get high like that the lines get looooooong.  As I was sitting at my desk on that Monday morning I thought; we’ll just drive to Baker, California after work and get Powerball tickets, it’s only 1 1/2 hours away.  And so became a random Monday night Desert Date.

My husband thought I was out of my mind, but I was bound and determined to get Powerball tickets.  I picked him from work at 5:00 and hit the I-15 South towards California.  In the middle of the desert between the Nevada/California state line and Las Vegas is a cool art installment called Seven Magic Mountains.  I had been wanting to stop and check it out, but it is usually super busy on the weekends when we are driving to and from California.

First stop on our Monday night date night was Seven Magic Mountains  We had a great rain storm that afternoon, so the weather had cooled down and there were lingering clouds in the sky, which made for great photos.  The Seven Magic Mountains consist of 7 towers of huge boulders that are painted in bright colors.  They are really amazing to look up at and take in.

Back on the road to Baker!  As we passed by the Primm Lotto Store, which is right across the California boarder, the line for tickets was wrapped around the parking lot.  My plan to just drive an extra 45 minutes to Baker was brilliant.  We got to Baker and stopped at the Baker General Store walked in and there was no line what so ever.  I had this whole Lotto win figured out; the drawing was on August 23rd, the day before my birthday and the last day I would be 38.  I purchased $38 in tickets for 19 chances at winning.  I was feeling really good that I was going to be the lucky winner!

Baker is a very small town at the gateway to Death Valley. The road through town is lined with some fast food restaurants, gas stations, the World’s Largest Thermometer and the famous Mad Greek restaurant. We have never stopped in Baker for anything longer than gas and maybe a fast food stop, so the Mad Greek was our desert date night dining spot.

We love gyros, so when in a Greek restaurant in Baker you order the gyros.  For being in the middle of nowhere these were some pretty good gyros, I would recommend you stopping and trying one if you are ever driving between California and Nevada.

After stuffing ourselves it was time to hit the road and head back to Vegas.  The weather was perfect out, so we opened the sunroof, turned up the tunes and enjoyed the 1 1/2 hour drive home.  What a perfect random Monday night date night it turned out to be.  It is fun to get out and adventure spontaneously in the space right in your back yard.

Side note, I did not win the Powerball, but it was still worth the drive!

I hope your weekend takes you on some fun adventures!



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