Not Your Average Yogi

Of all exercise that I get the most benefit from, it is yoga. It calms my mind, it eases my body’s aches and pains, it relieves my stress and it makes me stronger. I started doing yoga many years ago when a good friend of mine was working on getting her instructor’s certificate. I got to be her guinea pig and practice yoga for free and I fell in love with it. I would go to a studio that was in a different setting then most yoga studios, it was in a Whole Foods. So began my love affair with “not your average” yoga.

Years later in search for a new yoga experience I found Anti-Gravity Yoga. It is exactly what it sounds like, you are doing your yoga practice primarily off the ground. SHINE Fitness was the first studio in Vegas to have this form of yoga and I was hooked as soon as I walked into the studio and saw the bright green silk hammocks. You float and invert your way through your practice and my body never feels better then after an Anti-Gravity class. When you do the inversions with the hammock you are suspended upside down in the air for 2-3 minutes, which releases the tension in your spine and increases the space between your discs. You literally grow after an inversion! At the end of the session you go into Savasana, where you lay in the hammock and float into an amazing relaxed state. As the popularity of Anti-Gravity Yoga has grown there are a number of different classes you can take depending on your experience and what you are seeking to get from your practice. SO if you have ever wanted to know what it is like to be in a Cirque du Soleil show, Anti-Gravity Yoga is the way to find out.

I have tried “hot yoga” in a traditional studio and also enjoy that practice, so last summer when the Neon Museum  offered “hot yoga” outside in the Neon Boneyard you know I had to give that a try. In the middle of July when it was 110 + degrees outside surrounded by the neon signs of Vegas past I spent an hour doing yoga in an amazing environment. Yes it was hot, but hey that is the point of hot yoga! But the experience of doing yoga in a place that holds so much Vegas history was amazing.

The next form of “not your average” yoga may be my favorite, goat yoga. Yes you read that right, goat yoga. I had seen this form of yoga on social media and my interest was definitely peaked, so when my friend Sinead texted me and invited me to goat yoga in Vegas, I couldn’t say YES fast enough. It is literally as it sounds, yoga surrounded by goats. We met at a local park and there was a little area pinned off with baby goats everywhere. You set up your yoga mat and the goat keeper places goat treats under your yoga mat and then class begins. As the instructor is guiding you through poses, you have cute little goats running around, begging for your attention to pet them or give them treats. They will also climb over you and give you a little massage. Needless to say that with this yoga experience there was much more goat petting than yoga posing being done. You can find more information and schedules at Goat Yoga Las Vegas’s Facebook page 

And the latest “not your average” yoga that I tried was Silent Savasana. Myself and 750 people were poolside at The Red Rock Casino getting our yoga on in…well silence. Every participant gets headphones that are noise canceling and you are lead by the instructor, Dray, with an accompaniment of a DJ that is spinning tunes to flow with the yoga poses. In this practice I was completely tuned out from everything around me and had one of my best practices yet. And the BEST part about Silent Savasana is that it is FREE, you heard me correct FREE. So if you are looking for a new way to practice yoga in a not so average way, check out Silent Savasana’s website for their schedule, they rotate from different hotels around the Las Vegas Valley.

From this “Not your average Yogi”, Namaste!


2 thoughts on “Not Your Average Yogi

  1. Love this!!! & all the pictures! Great memories of amazing experiences that will last forever!! Next up is Yoga on the Highroller, Lee Canyon & Maverick Helicopter to some Grand Canyon yoga!!! Lets get our diaries & matts out!!! 🙏🏻👣💜

    1. The “Not Your Average” Yoga adventures are endless, I can’t wait to see where our mats take us next!

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