50,000 air miles took me….

50,000 miles on Southwest Airlines took me to Canada, Mexico, and a bunch of other US destinations and it can take you places too!

I love taking advantage of airline credit card offers and my last one has been the best by far.  The best time to get the most miles when signing up for an airline credit card is on a flight.

About a year and a half ago I was flying to Reno for work on Southwest and I was taking advantage of their free live TV and their credit card offer came across my iPad, 50,000 bonus points for signing up while on the flight, SOLD!  

After using the card to pay bills for a couple of months my Southwest Rapid Rewards points increased by 50,000 and so began figuring out where to fly to and use them.

I flew to Denver, Colorado two times to visit my bestie and her family.  My husband and I flew to Seattle last summer, spending a few days there and then driving to Vancouver Canada for a few days.  I got three tickets to Reno to spend my birthday weekend in Lake Tahoe.  My husband and I went to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for a last minute winter getaway. And the last of our points were used for our Anniversary trip to San Francisco.

So that is a total of 11 roundtrip flights!!!! The key to spreading out those 50,000 points was to watch for deals and book the least popular flights, which are typically late departures.  And the beauty of flying Southwest is that if your fight is delayed for more than an hour you can re-book on another available flight for no cost! Winning!

Southwest is the love airline and I am sharing some love with you, so next time you see that Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card offer, take advantage of it, it will take you places!

(This post was not sponsored and is not an Ad for Southwest Airlines)

Happy travels!


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  1. Great post!! I only signed up for my Southest card after talking with you!! Now, where to go next??? 😀💋

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