I Can See Clearly Now

On my recent girls trip to Los Angeles, I experienced great dining, great partying, great iconic sights, attended a taping of The Late Late Show with James Corden and can see clearly.  We stayed at The Standard Hollywood right on Sunset Blvd. and fell in love with the hotel as soon as we walked into the lobby. From the swinging chairs, the comfy low couches, the carpeted ceiling, the iconic pool, the view from the room, the foster dog roaming the hotel and the Warby Parker glasses store right next to the front desk.

A glasses store in a hotel, some may think “ok what’s so great about that?”, well for me a glasses wearing girl it was AWESOME.  I have worn glasses forever and prefer them over contacts, so every other year with my vision insurance I get a new pair of frames (regular glasses or sunglasses).  I have to be content with the same look for two years and I always get so excited for those new frames, but not the couple hundred dollars I end paying out of pocket due to the price limitations with my vision coverage.  If you have ever purchased glasses, you know frames aren’t cheap.

When I walked into that Warby Parker store I was immediately a fan, they had so many regular and sunglasses frames to choose from, they were all on trend and the prices, the prices were incredible.  $95 for a frame!!!!!! I tried on so many frames, in so many colors and knew I wasn’t leaving this hotel without buying a pair.

I immediately started following Warby Parker on social media and went on their website WarbyParker and found out some even cooler info about the company.  For every pair of glasses sold, they donate a pair to non-profits, so people who don’t have access to glasses can.  I am always a supporter of businsses that give back and I was ready to support Warby Parker!

Monday afternoon we checked out and I went back into the Warby Parker store and picked out the coolest clear frame glasses, Chamberlain.  The sales girl explained that I just need to have my eye doctor’s office fax them my prescription and they will make the lenses and mail my new glasses in 7-10 business days.  The lenses and frames are ultralight and came to a grand total of $125!   SOLD!  She measured my pupils and set up my profile, gave me a card with the fax number and order number and I was on my way.

We walked down Sunset Blvd. to shop and while I was waiting in H&M I called my eye doctor’s office and gave them the info to send my prescription.  Within a couple of hours I received an email that my prescription was received and my glasses were being made!

On Wednesday I received another email that my glasses were being shipped.  Talk about speedy service!  On Friday guess what was in my mailbox…..my new glasses!  I have never gotten a pair of glasses in less than a week.  They sent a detailed receipt that I can submit to my vision insurance for reimbursement for the lenses as I do get a lense allowance every year.  So at the end of the day I will only be out ninety five bucks for my new, super cute, on trend specs.

I can see clearly now that I have found a new way to buy glasses.  I can request up to 5 pairs of glasses online and they will send them to my house to try on and purchase the ones I like.  I am so excited that Warby Parker has made buying cute and trendy glasses affordable and that I don’t have to wait every other year to refresh my look.

Have a great week!


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