Snowbird Training Part 1

Vegas dwellers like the weather warm, I mean we spend 5-6 months out of the year with temperatures that are at least 100 degrees.  So, by mid January when our temps drop into the 50’s we get cold.  Now I know 50’s aren’t cold by most people’s standard, but to us it is.

This year my husband and I are “empty nesters” as our son graduated from high school last June. We had never really travelled in the winter months due to school schedules, but this year that all changed and we are officially Snowbird Training.  

We were sitting on the couch in mid-January and I was booking a flight for March and my husband asked how many points I had left on my frequent flyer account (look for a post on how to make 50,000 miles take you places in April) and when I told him, he said find some flights to some place warm.  Within 15 minutes I found some low point flights to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  After finding an available hotel we booked our two tickets to paradise!

We took a 40 minute flight from Vegas to Orange County, California, changed planes and 2 1/2 hours later we were touching down in Puerto Vallarta.

We have travelled to Mexico quite a bit, but it had been 10 years since we went to Puerto Vallarta and the first time not doing an all-inclusive resort.  We stayed at the Marriott CasaMagna Puerto Vallarta Resort, which was quick ride from the airport to the marina area.

As soon as we arrived we were in love with this resort, the open air feel was great and the views of the ocean were even better.

The weather was perfect, high 70’s and sunshine!  We immediately went to the pool to start our getaway off on the right foot with margaritas and Tecates!  Since we had never stayed in the marina area of Puerto Vallarta we decided to walk over to the marina for a bite to eat and more libations.

Walking around the marina reminded us of Benalmadena, Spain. As soon as we sat down at the first restaurant we noticed there were a lot of Snowbirds.

We struck up conversation with people we met and found that most people were there from Canada, Iowa and Chicago.  We learned the schedule of a Snowbird; you stay at “home” through the holidays and between mid-January and the beginning of February they migrate south to warmer climates for 6 weeks to 3 months.  We were SOLD! We want to be Snowbirds, but we still have 10 years until the husband retires.  We are now in Snowbird Training, so when the time comes we will be ready to make this our lifestyle.

After chatting with some great people and meeting an amazing bartender, Hugo, we decided to go check out Downtown Puerto Vallarta, which is called The Malecón.  We bar hopped and people watched and had an amazing time getting to know the people of Puerto Vallarta.

The next day we did exaclty what we had gone to do, RELAX.  We laid by the pool, drank Mojotos and ate ceviche. We met more people that were either Snowbirds or frequent travelers to Puerto Vallarta this time of year and picked their brains for things to see and do.

That evening we wanted to have authentic Mexican food on the beach so we headed back to The Malecón and found a great little restaurant where we were greeted by a fat cat.  We dined on shrimp tacos and fajitas right on the sand and watched the beautiful sky.

After dinner we strolled along The Malecón and took in some beautiful sights before stumbling upon a great Irish pub.

We sat and listened to some live music being performed by a musician from New Foundland at Murphy’s Irish Pub.  Even this guy was a Snowbird!

Stay tuned for part 2 of Snowbird training to find out how we explored the local life of Puerto Vallarta.

Hasta Luego!


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