Love the Skin You’re In

Skin care is important and even more important when you live in the desert.  Our air is dry, you know the how the saying goes “it’s a dry heat.”  For us Las Vegans our skin and hair is exposed to this dry environment year round , which can take a toll if you don’t take care of the skin (and hair) you’re in.

I have taken my skin care seriously since I was a teenager, because I worked at Bath & Body works and learned a lot about the importance of skin care.  And now that I am in my late 30’s, I really know the importance and I am glad I have taken care of my skin.  I get carded frequently at the store and a lot of the times the clerk will look at my birthdate and comment that I do not look my age.  I really attributemy youthful look to my skin.  So I thought I would share my favorite skin and beauty products that I use! 

First up are my facial skin products.  I LOVE Clinique’s Liquid Facial Soap Mild (they also make an oily complexion version) for my morning and nighttime cleansing.

I follow up with Clinique Dramtically Different Moisturizing Lotion.  I have been using this facial moisturizer for as long as I can remember and due to the comments I receive it is working on keeping away fine lines and wrinkles.

Next up in my daily routine (most days) is my foundation.  I use MAC Lighful C Tinted Cream.  It is a great buildable foundation with SPF 30, which is a must when the sun shines 98% of the time.

Once a week I treat myself to a little extra skin therapy with product samples I receive in my monthly Birchbox.  These three exfoliating scrubs are in my current rotation.

And after my exfoliating scrub I use one of the newest trends, face masks (you know you have seen my shameless face mask selfies on IG Story or Snapchat).  I pick up one each week at Target or Ulta and I usually go with the age defying types.

The face isn’t the only skin that needs care, I don’t want dry, wrinkled arms, legs and chest either.  I have been using Bath & Body Works shower gel and body lotion for 20 + years on the daily and have been told I have amazingly soft skin, so that is working too. I also am asked all the time what type of perfume I am wearing and my reply is “I’m not, it’s my BBW lotion & shower gel.”

We can’t forget the hands, they really get exposed and abused. I have a really big struggle with keeping my hands moisturized, because I have dermatitis.  I am constantly rotating through hand lotions and for the past few months I have been using a tried and true one, Shea Butter from Bath & Body Works.  It is not greasy and keeps my hands not looking dry.

Now let’s head up to my hair!  The dry environment combined with heat from styling can really be damaging.  I am currently using a hair oil I got in a  Birchbox called Protect & Oil by Beauty Protector.  I put it on my hair before blow drying.  Here is the link:

And now that the weather is warming up, pool season is upon us, so let’s talk sunscreen.  The sun here in Vegas is intense and you can burn within a matter of minutes.  A few years ago a friend (thank you Kelly) introduced me to the most amazing sunscreen and after sun lotion, Maui Babe.  I never burn when I use it and end up with the best tan and when you use the after sun lotion it helps extend your tan’s life. I use Neutrogena face sunscreen with an SPF 50 and always wear a hat for extra face protection.

I hope you find these skin and beauty product tips helpful for those of you that live here or those that are planning a vacation to Vegas.

Love the skin you’re in!


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