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With the beginning of a new year come the resolutions and promises for being a new person.  I don’t want to be a new person, I actually like who I am, but I could use some improvements.  For 2017 I decided to self reflect on 2016 and find the areas that I would like to improve.

In 2016 I did not use my health insurance one time, so I am not prone to sickness or ailments, but there are places in my health that I know need improvement.  I need to lose weight, not to feel better about myself, but to lower my blood pressure.  I have contact dermatitis on my hands and it has been really bad lately, so I need to make healthy improvements in my diet to improve this.  When I travel my feet tend to swell, so I want to improve my circulation by getting a regular cardio routine going.

My plan of attack is pretty simple, take each day one at a time.  Starting January 3rd, I am going to physically cleanse my body with a one day Juice Street Master Cleanse that I got from Bowlology (and until Jan. 8th they are 50% off).  Be sure to follow my 6 steps of cleansing tomorrow on Snapchat (YourVacayMyHome) and Instagram Story (YourVacationMyHome).

To get my mental focus and strength improved I am going to get back into my yoga practice, at least 30 minutes a day by using the Yoga Studio app that was highly recommended to me.  As my strength increases I plan on getting back into the hammock and attending Anti-Gravity Yoga classes at Galaxy Pilates

For my cardio improvements, I am going to get back into using my Fitbit and taking at least 10,000 steps a day.  I am also going to take advantage of the mild winter weather we have here in Vegas and start walking around the base of Lone Mountain.  The Lone Mountain Regional Park has an amazing walking trail with natural inclines and gorgeous views of the Las Vegas Valley.

The improvements to my skin will hopefully come from eating healthier and exercising, but I am also going to bite the bullet and see a doctor.  I feel like I need some skin allergy testing done to pin point the exact irritants that cause my hands to flare up.

By making improvements in these areas it will also improve me as a wife, mother, friend, employee, co-worker, blogger and traveler.  I am looking forward to sharing not only my health improvement journey with your, but my travel adventures too.  Here’s to a new year and an improved me!  Let’s do this 2017!


Lindsay XoXo

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